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In order for any foundation to achieve its goals, it takes money. You can either get $1.00 from a million people or $1,000,000.00 from a single person. Neither way comes easy. It is our intent to ask as many people and businesses as it takes to make Jimmy’s Vision a reality. It is our pledge that no money will ever be paid to anyone working for the Foundation. As a non-profit we abide by the laws as stated on the legal page.

• Now you can Donate online! Click below to donate via PayPal to make a secure donation with a credit card.

•Send a check payable to: Jimmy’s Vision Foundation, 3 Calle Pacifica, San Clemente, Ca. 92673
• Use your United Way payroll deduction: fill in the space OTHER DESIGNATIONS using (Jimmy’s Vision Foundation JIM100)
• Donate that used car, boat, or RV by calling 1.800.435.7130 direct donation to
• Remember Jimmy’s Vision Foundation in your will.

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