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Jimmy's History

     On February 10, 1992 our precious son Jimmy entered the world as a healthy 8lb 15oz baby boy. Our family was now complete. He was a very calm and good natured baby and was kept content by sucking his thumb. As time passed he grew like all other kids; walking at 12 months, talking endlessly and could even use the computer mouse while sitting on his dad’s lap, by the time he was two years of age. He was snuggly, happy and inquisitive and rarely did he lose sight of his mom. When Jimmy was four he started junior kindergarten, and began life as an independent, grown-up little guy. Life was going as planned and all seemed great. Spring break 1997 our family chose to take a real vacation, so we all jumped on a cruise ship and headed for Mexico. By the third day Jimmy didn’t seem to be himself. Tired and weak, we took him to the ship’s doctor. A tentative diagnosis of Hepatitis was made. By the last night on ship Jimmy was feeling a lot worse, this was not Hepatitis. We got off the ship and went straight to the hospital. It was now Easter Sunday.

     It didn’t take long for the blood tests to come back. By now the Pediatric Oncologist was in the room telling us that Jimmy probably had leukemia. The world stopped dead. Like anyone else hearing such life altering news, we were unable to comprehend what this meant to us. Within an hour our pastor arrived and we found ourselves overwhelmed as we prayed for Jimmy’s recovery. Our church family immediately took charge by caring for our other kids; preparing meals and lifting us up in prayer and even now goes beyond our expectations for companionship and comfort. We had been blessed. For the next 42 months Jimmy had enough blood tests, bone marrow biopsies, and spinal taps to fill a file cabinet with reports and consents. It was tough for him, no more school or playing outside. Almost all the contact he had with other kids was in the hospital. More than 400 nights in the hospital; however our little guy took it all in stride, often asking others what it was like when they had cancer; assuming everyone experienced this at one time or another. But thrive he did. On June 1, 2000 Jimmy received his last dose of chemo therapy. This was to be the end of leukemia, our prayers had been answered. Jimmy could now re-enter the world and become just a regular boy, a dream he had for a long while. Jimmy had been close to God while he was in treatment, and was excited to finally be able to go to Christian school with his friends. He started third grade in the fall of 2000 at Mesa Grande Academy and excelled. There he brought new excitement and hope to his class.

     Life had been renewed and so in February 2002 we moved to the beach to be close to family and begin anew. Summer of 2002, Jimmy took and completed the Junior Lifeguard program at San Clemente beach, and the older boys in the family taught Jimmy to surf. He returned to school in the fall, at Capistrano Valley Christian School, where he continued to thrive and grow in his faith with God. December 9, 2002 Jimmy complained of a headache. We went to the clinic for an unscheduled appointment and his Oncologist decided to admit him and run some tests. After a long three days in the hospital our worst fears had been confirmed, Jimmy’s Leukemia had returned with a vengeance. Things were going to be tougher this time, chemotherapy, radiation and bone marrow transplant. We entered City of Hope June 2003 to begin the bone marrow transplant process. We were cautiously optimistic; transplant was the only cure now for Jimmy’s leukemia. Jimmy received his transplant on June26th, our granddaughters 2nd birthday. On July 7, 2003, Jimmy started to show new cells a sign that the transplant had begun to work. But surviving transplant was not God’s plan for Jimmy. As the sun rose on August 5th 2003, our little Jimmy returned to Jesus while his family held him in their arms. His dream to be “just a regular kid,” was now fulfilled. He had been healed!

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