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Our mission is to reach out to other families that have been affected by childhood cancer. By sponsoring events and gatherings we will have time to bond and offer emotional support, each of us understanding what the others have been through. With each other we can help to bare the burdens together.

 Education and Awareness

Another part of our mission is that we feel it is imperative to let others know how they can help through educating the general public. This will be done through getting the word out about things, such as persons becoming blood and bone marrow donors. We feel that there needs to be more awareness about childhood cancer, thus propelling it to the forefront and hopefully eradicating this disease so “our children,’ can be just that…!

Accommodations for City of Hope Families

Our final mission is to create a home close to the City of Hope where families with children being treated for cancer could stay while undergoing treatment. This home can be a place where families remain united and focus on their child and family, during this critical time. In our own experience the cost to live in a hotel and eat all meals away from home was very expensive. It is more than most families can afford, thus creating a financial and emotional burden that frankly should not exist. Many families become separated during this crucial time, when what they need most is to be supportive of each other. It is our goal to build a place where eight to ten families could stay in privacy at no cost.


Our mission will then be complete. This effort will give us reason to wake up in the morning and know that Jimmy’s death lead to something great. That will keep Jimmy close in many people’s hearts and he will never be forgotten.

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